Next class is Wednesday, September 29 at 10am.

Steven W. Morrison will present DIGGING UP NEW DIRT: Unearthing the REAL New England Immigrant.  To join the class click on the following link:

A reminder to those attending in person, masks are required. If you have not been vaccinated please consider attending by video meeting only.

Fiske Library now open by appointment.

We are pleased to announce that the library is now open by appointment. To make an appointment please phone the person listed for the day of the week you wish to visit the library:

We are following State mandated precautions regarding Covid-19. Currently, library visitors must be masked regardless of vaccination status.

Fall Class Schedule

Wednesday classes which began September 15, 2021 have been updated with some schedule changes. Please click here to see the list, but read the lead article in the newsletter for details. For those not attending in person, linking info will be posted at least 24 hours ahead of the class.

Fall 2021 Newsletter Now Available

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Notebooks Finding Aids now available online; for index click here.

The Fiske Notebooks were established as an original resource, part of the Library's traditional and strong interest in the preservation of information of genealogical interest. The Fiske Notebooks are uncatalogued, and there are no references to them in our online catalog. In them one will find copies of Arthur Fiske's genealogical research notes, records of births, marriages, and deaths, cemetery inventories, family group sheets, pamphlets, photo copies of articles, photo copies of excerpts from rare books, newsletters, ephemera, and more. The notebooks are classfied by geographic location and shelved with other items of the same class in the main collection.

Finding Aids for the archive collections at the Fiske Library available online; for index click here.

To search, or to browse, that is the question...

If you are looking for specific information, a search will usually yield the best results. If you are not sure how to search for what you need then try browsing. The Fiske Library has created over 130 pages you can browse to find items. You may Browse Holdings by location or surnames.

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